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We offer a Dynamite Recreation program with many classes to choose from.   

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List of Classes

  • Tumbling Stars - Are your kids always flipping all over your house?  Tumbling Stars is the perfect class for them.  Designed to allow athletes to work at their skill level.  

  • Prince and Princess Stars - Our Preschool program geared toward our tiny stars ages 3-5 years old.  These stars get to shine bright with friends their size and age.  This class helps build fine motor skills.

  • Super Stars - is Strength and Flexibility Training.  This class is exactly what it says! It is designed to help athletes gain strength and flexibility through exercise and drills.  We focus on developing core strength

  • Dance Stars - Move, Shake, and Pose.  Keep your body moving with This fun, highly energetic dance class that teaches hip hop moves and Poms leaps and turns.

  • Warrior Stars - Are you a Ninja in training. If so, this is just the class for you.  Your child will run, jump, and tumble through obstacles courses to be the Warrior Star survivor.  This class is great for building confidence.

  • Shooting Stars -  If you are unsure what class you want to take, and interested in a little bit of everything.  Shooting Stars is the class for you. This class is an explosion of fun that includes, dance, tumbling and strength training.

  • Wishing Stars - If you are over 18 and want to keep active with dance and fitness, Wishing Star is the class for you.

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