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Elite Cheer Teams - (Travel)
Elite teams are for those who want to travel.  These athletes may have previous experience but it is not required.  The are taught more advanced jumps, tumbling, dance and stunts.  There is strong emphasis on strength training.   They travel to compete in National competitions against some of the best teams in the nation.  Practice is 2-3 days a week.  Please note that there is always the possibility that additional practices may be added as competitions get closer. Team readiness is 100% tied to practice.
Prep Cheer Teams - (Non-Travel)
Prep teams are generally for those who have never cheered or danced before but would like to learn.  Their training includes choreographed routines, jumps tumbling, dance, and flexibility training.  The schedule and financial obligations is less demanding.  Practice is 1-2 days a week.   They may perform at various events.  As their skills progress, they can be invited to tryout for one of our All-star teams.
Tiny Novice- teams are performance teams that were created by the USASF to introduce children to the fundamentals of cheerleading.  Specifically designed for children ages 3 to 5 years.  The children will learn all the cheerleading basics: jumps, motions, dance, tumbling and stunts. The teams will participate in 2-3 competitions.
Performance Team-(Show Team)- Designed for athletes that  want to experience public but do not want the commitment of a competitive team.  These athletes may perform at various community and sporting event.   Practice 1 day  a week

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